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The digital dimension

Let digitalization evolve your business

Technology advances by the second. To grasp the opportunities, we need to stay open for whatever comes. Whenever and however. But what should you do with all these digital possibilities, really? There's only one answer: use them to benefit your business today and prepare for how you'll do business tomorrow.

Digitalized manufacturing with Enfo Digital Manufacturing

Your future depends on your organization’s ability to absorb all the new development and business opportunities digitalization brings. It's so crucial, in fact, that governments in mature industrial countries are creating programs specifically to handle this evolution. At Enfo, we’re already there. And we'll bring you along on the journey.

Event - June 02, 2016 - June 02, 2016

Masterdata management, Case Metso

Theme of Enfo Rongo’s breakfast seminar in June is Master Data Management, an actual topic in many organizations. Besides presentation of Enfo Rongo’s Master Data Management specialist, also customer case of Metso, Finnish Industrial Machinery compan...

News May 26, 2016

Counter-Strike:GO Tournament: Sweden-Finland 1-0

The third Friday in May Enfo's first ever Counter-Strike:GO tournament was played between four talented CS:GO teams from Finland and Sweden. ...

  • Blog May 24, 2016

    Bring your own identity – Hype or necessity?

    Bring your own identity (BYO-ID) is talked about a lot nowadays. For some, it's just hype. But is it really? Or is it a necessity that we use daily? I would say the latter. We do use it daily and some of us don't even notice....

  • Blog May 12, 2016

    Interview of the month: Jacob Welsh

    Careers seldom follow a straight path. But if you follow your heart, see the opportunities and aren’t afraid to try something new, anything can happen. Jacob literally put away his tools to focus whole-heartedly on sales, and at the age of 22 he star...

  • Blog April 28, 2016

    A free lunch?

    Today we'll take a closer look at parts of Microsoft “Visual Studio Dev Essentials”. A program that collects tools, services and support for development in general. Anyone can take part of this for free. Dev Essentials includes a number of tools for ...

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