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Information Logistics

Information Logistics

digitalized invoice logistics with smart finance 

By automating, integrating and digitalizing invoice logistics, information transfer and financial services with standardized routines, you can considerably improve cash flow. Shorter cycles, lower costs, smoother implementation. That’s what we call smart finance.

In digital channels, invoice logistics becomes more efficient than traditional, manual routines. With standardized, digital processes, Enfo develops new concepts and solutions to transform invoicing to payment transactions. The transition to digital invoice processing is done in close cooperation with your organization to find the solution that provides the best results.

Integrating incoming and outgoing invoices, debt collection and ERP gives you a dynamic cash flow control, making the process faster as well as cutting costs.

Our service offering includes management of sales invoices, supplier invoices, invoice management for energy companies, as well as consulting services.

At Enfo, we have both the technical capacity and the business expertise to create complete solutions for invoice processing, financial transactions, archiving and everything else within information logistics.

Plus, in collaboration with Enfo's niche expertise in Business Intelligence & Analytics ,Integration Process Innovation Applications, we can take a truly comprehensive look into your organization's processes to create simpler, smoother and smarter business in the Digital Dimension. This kind of holistic solution is carried out in stages designed to keep pace with you as your organization matures and embraces the digitalized processes.

Solutions and services are, of course, tailored according to your business wishes and needs.

"Enhancing operations also helps us respond to the threat of labor shortages resulting from the retirement of the baby boom generation.” 

Kari Perälä, Controller, City of Imatra


Ari Voutilainen
+358 447 193 443
Henrik Grannas
Head of Sales
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EXPLORE what we know and do


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