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EXPLORE what we know and do


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We create digital business solutions to develop, innovate and improve your business.

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Revolutionized manufacturing with Enfo Digital manufacturing

Your future depends on your organization’s ability to absorb all the new development and business opportunities digitalization brings. It's so crucial, in fact, that governments in mature industrial countries are creating programs specifically to handle this evolution. At Enfo, we’re already there. And we'll bring you along on the journey.

Event - June 15, 2017 - June 15, 2017

Inflyttningsfest i Örebro

Välkommen på inflyttningsfest hos Enfo den 15/6 på Vasagatan 10 i Örebro...

News May 17, 2017

Gratulerer med dagen Norway!

Norway celebrates its National Day, and at Enfo we are celebrating it too. As a step in our launch of Enfo in Norway, all the Swedish Enfo offices are participating in the May 17th -celebrations today. ...

  • Blog May 17, 2017

    News report from Qonnections 2017

    Finally, Qonnections has begun. More than 3000 participants gathered at the start of the convention where Lars Björk took the stage to present some great and revolutionizing features. Great things comes to us who have been waiting! As usual, Qlik ann...

  • Blog May 05, 2017

    A wind of change in the integration business

    How important is integration for your business? How important will it be in the near future? Is your company taking advantage of the benefits of the wind of change that is currently blowing in the integration field?...

  • Blog May 03, 2017


    Is there anyone out there that has not read an ad or a newspaper article containing the word ”digitalization” please raise your hand! Nobody? Well, I didn’t think so.I could be one of those people that constantly dismisses the latest trends. Bends do...

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People say everything’s moving faster and faster these days. In reality, more and more is happening simultaneously. And we get the feeling we have to move even faster. But you don’t need to pick up the pace to get smarter.

What you need is an overview. What you need is an oasis where perspective and time are limitless resources. What you need is a place where you become smarter.

The digital dimension

Let digitalization evolve your business

Technology advances by the second. To grasp the opportunities, we need to stay open for whatever comes. Whenever and however. But what should you do with all these digital possibilities, really? There's only one answer: use them to benefit your business today and prepare for how you'll do business tomorrow.