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Blog October 04, 2016

The winner gets the ‘dead money’ from the pot – and makes it grow

We at Enfo believe that delivering unique customer experiences and unparalleled customer service will be the single most important characteristic of successful companies in the future. How do you define, develop and deliver unique customer experiences?

According to Gartner, 80% of IT departments’ focus, time and money is sunk into keeping the “lights on” – i.e maintaining current systems and applications. Gartner calls this phenomenon “dead money”: 8 out of 10 euros spent within the IT department is “dead money.”

At the same time the majority of CEOs and other key business stakeholders expect the IT department to deliver business value, that is brainstorm new ideas, come up with business innovations and find new growth avenues.

One doesn’t need to be a wizard to see that there is a major gap in expectations from the business and what the daily reality is for the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and his team.

Most clients tell me that they would like to offer exciting innovations to their business and their clients, but simply are not able to because there is no time to think about anything else than maintaining the current environment – and acting as “IT firefighters.” This everyday challenge has most likely nothing to do with the decisions of the current IT organization but something that has just “happened” by implementing systems and applications over the years.

Looking at it from “30.000 meters” all seems so clear. What an amazing opportunity! Now “traditional companies,” across industries, can get an edge from their internal IT, get ahead of the rat race and at the same time support the Chief Information Officer to become the very much needed “Chief Innovation Officer” that delivers business value.

We at Enfo have a combination of already proven methods and new exciting ideas to help you in this change journey. We would like to invite you to explore with us the ways in which we can turn your “dead money” into innovations and business growth.


Henrik Grannas
VP and Head of Sales
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