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Blog March 31, 2016

Change requires continuous investments

Enfo believes that things can be done in many different ways. People are encouraged to continuously develop their personal skills because, in a business field facing significant changes, this is an investment in the competitiveness of the company and the individual. Tuukka Vainionmäki, manager, Cloud Services, is a good example as he is passionate about his work as an information security specialist and makes significant investments in maintaining his professional competence.

Working at Enfo since 2010, Tuukka is in charge of the Hybrid Cloud Services unit, in addition to which he leads three virtual technology teams: Networks, Linux and Endpoint Protection. Before this, he worked as a supervisor in the information security team and was otherwise involved in Enfo's information security activities. This is a theme that requires continuous training and, during his time off, Tuukka studies cybersecurity at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. The two-year programme will end in autumn 2016.

“Simply put, this is an interesting topic. When I started working as a supervisor in the information security team, I wanted to understand what to expect from the team and how to do things, and get to know the technologies being used. I want to listen to experts so that I am able to decide what should be done next,” Tuukka says.

His passion for work comes from his grandfather who used to work as a supervisor at Valmet.

“My grandfather taught me how to lead people and made me realise what leadership involves, ranging all the way to the private life of employees. Customers, employees and the company add their own ingredients to the mix, and my task is to find a win-win situation for everyone.  Of course, I sometimes need to accept that not everything can be perfect,” Tuukka says.

According to Tuukka, the best part about working at Enfo is the people, of course. This is not a place where people come to reflect on any one thing because the heavily changing business field and world offer changes and challenges.

“Change requires continuous investments. This may be stressful but, if I am able to move small things forward, it makes me feel good. I just love my colleagues and other people around me. I understood this after I realised that I also want to spend time with them outside the workplace,” says Tuukka.