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Blog April 20, 2016

Digital Manufacturing

At Enfo we are confident that the whole manufacturing industry is up for radical changes. These changes are powered by digital trends and capabilities and is sometimes referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

Cloud has already won the compute war. A fierce migration cross industries to cloud is happening in an ever increasing pace. Cloud is the underpinning infrastructure that enables all other technology advancements to take place now.

Continuous Delivery is all about eliminating waste in the digital development process. To cope with ever increasing changes, requirements and to keep up with the activities put forward in business strategies, tactics and operations - digital products need to be created faster than ever before. That’s what continuous delivery provides to the mix.

At Enfo we have worked with many of the Nordic manufacturers with global brands for a very long time. Our experiences range from core IT services that support all of the business, to Service & Asset Management that increase productivity in the actual manufacturing process in the factories to digital product development that add an additional layer of value to already existing traditional products and services. All together these are some of the core building blocks to transform traditional manufacturing into one in the digital dimension.

As Enfonians we are proud to be able combine all of the powerful disruptive phenomenas through our own DNA. We are organized in smaller competence areas where we are allowed to be best in class. This attracts the very best of talents to Enfo. By combining our niched talents with our vast collected experience in manufacturing – digital manufacturing by Enfo saw the dawn of light.

Stay tuned, more will come.

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