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Blog November 20, 2015

Does your network drive contain a data export file or a large sum of money?

Let’s for a moment imagine a world where the convergence of ICT and financial administration is a reality. The processes carried out by one operator facilitate the efficient and error-free operation of another.

In such a world, the financial administration people and IT people understand each other. They don’t talk over each other’s heads; they are parts of the same process, even if their viewpoints are slightly different. In this world, an operator does not talk about data export files and network traffic without understanding that for someone this is a large sum of money which, for some reason, is unaccessible. No-one is wondering why the failure of a single text file to transfer is such a big thing and why somebody else is upset about its loss and complains to the boss about the delay in resolving of matter.

In this world, the accountant or auditor is the IT people’s best friend. Like a guard dog – always imagining the worst-case scenario, an auditor acts as a partner in the implementation of IT processes and projects. The person responsible for user rights will never have access to end users’ usernames and passwords. Adequate control points and log entries for administrators’ access to the folders containing data export files or database tables and will always be ensured. We can sleep better at night and trust that anyone using administrator rights to do mischief will probably fail or be caught in the act.

But back to the harsh reality. Can you really count on your service provider to understand that their network drives contain the profits from your business operations? Or that they can lose your cash reserves in a flash? Especially since, in the worst-case scenario, your service provider has not even committed to your processes or been given a chance to provide development or improvement suggestions to make your processes more efficient.

For the last few years, I have been working at the point of contact of financial administration and ICT, taking responsibility for ICT platforms and applications used for business processes. This has given me new insight into the world of servers, applications and data communications – and luckily I already live in a world where the convergence of ICT and economics is a reality. It brings me great joy to be allowed to implement digital financial services as an equal partner of our customers’ financial administration departments.

Emmi Stubin
Solution Owner, Enfo

Emmi works at the point of contact of financial administration and ICT services, as a technical owner of the ZmartFinance service platform at Enfo. In her spare time, she spends time with her family, on the sidelines of a football pitch and in the depths of professional social media.