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Blog December 07, 2016

From Servers to Service!

In the fast-moving pace of the digital age, it is hard to keep up with customer demands, new awesome technologies and employees that are born and raised digitally savvy from day one. On the other hand, these factors provide business transformation potential for enterprises with the guts to take the leap.

Within the Connect unit, which Enfo acquired with e-man, we have a few guiding metaphors and principles that help us align our work with customers, technology and colleagues, which we believe are critical to our customers’ success in this new digital world. 

From Servers to Service
Our flagship offering is Integration as a Service – and we like to focus on the word service. As IT deliveries transition from legacy on premise data centers to new levels of reliability and scalability in contemporary cloud infrastructures, we see that the key differentiator and added value moves from servers to service.

Friendly Can-Do Attitude
Therefore, in everything we do, regardless if it is running solution workshops, balancing requirements (re-) prioritization or ongoing support, we work hard at maintaining a friendly attitude. We see possibilities and embrace change as something that can provide new opportunities and more value to the customer.

End-to-End Offering

Our geometric metaphor is the circle. We only take on assignments if we can apply a holistic approach and see everything as connected and interdependent. Innovation workshops should be able to transform into concrete development projects, and for everything we develop, we take responsibility for the solution in operations. Our full-stack developers and devops team organization ensure that every aspect is taken care of in order to provide a smooth and frictionless customer experience, where nothing is allowed to fall between the cracks.

The Future Is Serverless
The exciting part is that the journey has just begun. So far our main deliverables have been within integration – integrating systems with each other, enabling automation of tedious and error-prone manual tasks. In the process of innovating our own integration platform, from server-based to virtualized to serverless, we realized that our competence, technology and attitude also is applicable for many other use cases as well. 

How we create digital business enablers beyond and above integration solutions and how we take our customers on a journey from traditional hosting solutions to next generation managed cloud will have to be continued in later blog posts.

Magnus Molin 
Enfo Integration

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