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Smart watch and internet of things

Blog January 30, 2017

How to connect the last 99% of devices to Internet?

IoT, Internet of Things or IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things, has been around for a while. But never have we seen so much buzz around it as we are seeing now. Everyone wants to capitalize on it, and there are currently so many up-coming great solutions based on new ways of sensoring the environment, understanding the data and presenting it to users in a meaningful way.

Last year I attended a number a big events around IoT, for example IoT Solutions World Conference in Barcelona, IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas and Internet of Things Nordic in Helsinki. I have had numerous discussions with technology, network and cloud providers together with clients from all industry verticals about their latest solutions in IoT. Here are some thoughts and key IoT takeaways from 2016.

IoT sensors with low energy consumption will change the way we sensor things. There are numerous network solutions, LPWANs, like LoRa and Sigfox that can operate with extremely low power-consumption. That coupled with new coin-sized low-power microprocessors and sensors one can have over 5 years of battery life with normal AA-batteries.

Cloud-platforms like IBM BlueMix, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure will make developing new services from scratch faster. Nowadays you can make new IoT platforms with a click of a button. Testing with new technologies and seeing the possible business benefits within days rather than months or even years gives businesses new opportunities to test-drive solutions fast.

Augmented reality solutions – how to visualise data on top of the real world. AR solutions are for sure something that will be changing the game in many industries. When you can augment the reality with for example visualising temperatures on top of an engine, show instructions on how to fix a broken generator or to see parking time just by looking at a car’s registration plate are just some real world examples of what augmentation could bring to the game. This – connected with IoT-sensoring – could create new still unthinkable ways of visualising information or create new business opportunities.

IoT enabled business transformation. In the end, IoT should not be technology. It should act as an enabler for new business. Many current business models are based on one-off sales. With sensoring the environment and understanding usage patterns, locations, wear and tear or some other metrics and then analysing and visualising it in a correct way will create new services.

It has been a busy year in IoT-world, but I’m more than sure there’s more to come. When thinking of new ways on capitalising on sensoring or in understanding the data, remember to keep your solutions open for everyone. By bringing openness in to the picture, you will also bring more innovation and partners to the ecosystem. This year there will be so many new sensors and solutions available, make sure they can be connected and utilised also in your solutions.

Keep your eyes and mind open, your next killer solution or competitor could come from unexpected direction!


Juha Kukka
The writer works as a Strategic Architect & Digital Evangelist at Enfo – designing awesome digital solutions to customers.