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Blog March 14, 2016

Interesting development in the Cloud management

Whether you are consuming public or private cloud services, cloud management tools and processes can optimize your experience. Cloud brokerage capabilities are one of the key development areas of Managed Service offering. To be able to plan, provision, manage, monitor and report the different services from different providers (like AWS, Azure, Softlayer) for the customer, is the core of brokerage operations.

Taken into consideration the wide variety of services, technologies and pricing models it is no easy task to manage “big picture” in an efficient way. Services included might be self-service interfaces, provision system images, metering and billing, workload optimization through established policies, service catalogs, configuration of storage and network resources or enhanced resource management via service governors.

Additionally to build understanding and competencies regarding related services, good tools are also needed in order to automate and simplify tasks needed to provide efficient brokerage operations.

InterConnect 2016 in Las Vegas offered a great possibility to participate in an interesting and inspiring demonstration of a software that seems to have overcome most of the difficulties regarding the brokerage services.

The service called IBM Gravitant with a multiplatform and multi-provider support covers the whole brokerage process and levels up the brokerage capabilities to real value adding aspects.

We certainly will look more in to this to evaluate possibilities for us and for our customers!

Check out their website: http://www.gravitant.com/ and check also how Gravitant relate to the Hybrid IT. This text is biased but good read anyway http://resources.gravitant.com/wp-content/uploads/mp/files/whitepapers/files/hybrid-it-through-cloud-brokerage-for-better-business-outcomes.v3.pdf

Jussi Piipponen,
Lead Consultant, Offering Development, Enfo