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Blog February 24, 2016

Interview of the month: Giovanna Eccher

Giovanna Eccher was born and grew up in Trento, on the border with Austria in north-eastern Italy.

Giovanna Eccher was born and grew up in Trento, on the border with Austria in north-eastern Italy. For the last 5 years prior to leaving to come to Sweden, she lived and worked in Padova. Giovanna was studying web design in Bolzano when one of her teachers recruited her to their company in Padova. There, Giovanna started her career as an Interaction Designer.

After being forced to leave the company after 5 years due to harder times, she decided to test her dreams and moved to Sweden.

How did you end up at Enfo?

Giovanna started working as an Interaction Designer at Enfo on 4 October 2015. Asked how she found the job, Giovanna tells us it was through an old client that is married to a Swedish woman and now has moved to Gothenburg. They were acquaintances of a friend of Niklas Thulin, Digital Evangelist and responsible for Enfo Interactive. Niklas got in touch with Giovanna and booked an interview – which turned out very well. Giovanna is now an important cog in Enfo Interactive, which started with Niklas and Giovanna and now has grown to a team of 5 people, and continues to expand.

Giovanna says she is very proud to be part of Enfo Interactive and can't think of a better place to be, it's both stimulating and challenging. An Interaction Designer develops new products such as websites, mobile applications, interactive games and interfaces for various software.

You are also responsible for the product's interface and for creating the effects the user expects in various situations. Giovanna believes Enfo Interactive has many interesting clients with exciting projects and hopes to be able to continue contributing to Enfo Interactive's positive development.

Why Sweden and Stockholm?

Giovanna tells us she has always been in love with Sweden, much thanks to her great interest in music. A dream since her younger years has been to live and work in Stockholm, as she considers it to be the Nordic capital of Digital Design.

Her eyes light up when she says "I'm living my dream – I've always loved Sweden and now I live here and also have my dream job".

Giovanna is intent on learning Swedish and goes to the Folk University twice a week. But it's a difficult language to learn she says because everyone in Sweden is so kind and speaks English all the time. Giovanna has also made a lot of new friends through her studies at Folk University. In her spare time, she wants to explore Sweden and has started with Stockholm and the surrounding areas but this weekend she is going with a few of her new friends to Kiruna and hopefully seeing the Northern Lights and riding on a dog sleigh.

Giovanna concludes by saying: "One thing I really love about Stockholm are the concerts. The music scene in Stockholm is fantastic! ”