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Blog October 29, 2015

Interview of the month: Improved skills and business operations through job rotation

Enfo continuously develops new service models and ways of operation. This could not be done without flexibility and dialogue – nor without questioning conventional solutions. Enfo employees are encouraged to develop their professional skills, and personal development and new career paths are discussed regularly in performance appraisals between employees and their supervisors. Job rotation is an important part of business development. In addition, it improves the well-being of employees, gives them variety and increases their motivation. Senior Sales Manager Marjo Kouhia is a great example of an Enfo employee who is eager to seize new work opportunities.

Before starting her job at Enfo in December 2007, Marjo had sold various IT products and solutions to companies and public sector organizations with companies such as Liinos, Canon, Fujitsu Siemens and Dell.

“Before Enfo, I had mainly sold concrete products – and Enfo sells services. The job excited me from the very start! You get so much more out of selling services, and the customer encounters are more rewarding. I feel that I can now truly offer additional value to the customers’ business,” Marjo says.

Marjo was so happy at her job that she spent seven years selling Enfo’s outsourced IT services to new customers. During that time, her earlier experience from the public sector proved particularly useful, as the Act on Public Contracts imposes certain requirements on projects and suitability has to be proven with various documents.

“Public sector organizations ask for documents such as process and service descriptions, certificates and development plans more often than companies in the private sector. We haven’t always had the required documents ready at hand, but material was prepared by different work groups as needed. Today, we have quality certificates that diminish the need for various descriptions and appendices considerably,” Marjo explains.

At Enfo, Marjo has always worked in sales to new customers, which is said to be the most challenging form of selling. Although it may require slightly more persistence and tenacity than other types of selling, Marjo feels it is what she is best at.

Something old, something new

When the position of a Sales Manager in Enfo’s ZmartFinance outsourced financial service unit opened in spring 2015, Marjo decided to apply.

“Not being familiar with all the relevant financial particulars, of course I thought about it twice, but I knew I wouldn’t have to manage everything on my own in this job, either. My task is still to find potential customers and to co-ordinate the sales project. The solution planning and consultation units are responsible for preparing a proposal to the customer. To do so, the entire team needs to talk to the customer and to gain a deep understanding of their processes and ways of operation. What I love best is that our solution concretizes the value the customer receives through more efficient operations and through development,” Marjo says.

New and challenging work tasks are one way to ensure continuous development, but the company’s investment in training is also important. Marjo is currently taking part in the ZmartFinance Knowledge Program training, which focuses on various financial administration processes and the understanding of customers’ business, among other things.

Marjo has found job rotation very motivating, and she encourages others to seize new opportunities, too.

“Absolutely. Enfo emphasizes the importance of job rotation for a good reason. You even get to know your old colleagues in a new way! It helps if you are already familiar with many of the people and operating methods, but even then you can gain new insights into the job,” Marjo says.