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Blog March 09, 2016

Major focus on IBM Maximo and the Internet of Things at InterConnect 2016

Last week, Enfo attended IBM InterConnect with nearly 20 employees from Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Two of the participants were Unni Fagersand and Linus Koszinowski, both consultants in Service and Asset Management with extensive experience of the IBM Maximo product. Enfo marketing took the opportunity to ask Unni and Linus about their impressions of the event and the lessons they learned and news they gathered there.

“My impression is that Maximo has become even hotter than before as it’s a key component in IBM’s strategy on the Internet of Things, IoT,” begins Linus. He also participated in the event last year and feels that there were even more Maximo-related sessions this year than before. Unni, who visited both InterConnect and Las Vegas for the first time, agrees and feels that the opportunities to use Maximo have grown in connection with the Internet of Things. As growing numbers of devices are more or less “smart” as well as online, they can be connected together with other systems. “If this equipment is connected together with systems for analysis, the information from the equipment can help to better predict outages to maximise utilisation and extend the service life of the equipment, for example,” says Unni.

However, they both want to emphasize that Maximo is the same Maximo as before, but that the product can be used more effectively with support from a platform for IoT. It can more easily interoperate with other systems and thereby form a natural whole. Not focusing solely on Maximo can provide added value in Unni’s opinion.

“It was exciting to get to know IBM’s vision for their focus areas and hear about the way forward. Out at customers, I’ve noticed that they ask questions about IoT since more and more of their equipment is online. The customers know what they want now and in this sense, IBM’s thinking is spot on,” says Linus Koszinowski, Enfo.

Linus took part in several workshops and sessions on the subject of mobility, which proved to be a popular area. “I registered for a mobility session on Monday, but was a bit late after an earlier session and by that time, it was already full and the queue stretched way out into the hallway. At the next mobility session, I made sure to be there well in advance,” he says with a smile.;

“Mobility is one of the areas that IBM is now placing a great deal of extra focus on. The rate of development is quickly accelerating for Anywhere, which is IBM’s main mobile platform for Maximo.

A few years ago, around one or two new products or features were released per year, compared with now when new functions and applications come out around every two to three months. The new items are available for download for Anywhere customers through IBM’s ISM Library.

Some functions that have been added in the latest versions are access to bar code scanning, GPS coordinates from the mobile unit, speech-to-text to avoid writing by hand and being able to insert pictures directly from the unit’s camera to items in Maximo. I would also like to note that there are a dozen or so apps to choose from now to carryout various scenarios in Maximo.” Linus Koszinowski, Enfo.

Unni says that they sat down and divided up sessions and workshops amongst themselves to get the best coverage possible and be able to take a lot home. She personally focused a great deal on Maximo Scheduler and the changes that have happened there – and quite a bit has been added. “There were several things that were missing before, but IBM’s developers seem to have had an intensive dialogue with users and really listened to them, which is fantastic.” But what’s the best of all?

“It’s that Scheduler is no longer dependent on Java JRE, which has been a major problem. This will be appreciated by many of our customers,” says Unni Fagersand, Enfo.

“Something I would like to recommend is for everyone who hasn’t had the chance to participate at InterConnect can nonetheless get access to the workshops. You just have to register an account at IBM. It’s excellent,” says Unni.

Both Linus and Unni were very pleased with the event as a whole. It involved intensive, but enjoyable days with new impressions and ideas outside the “Maximo box”. “I think that we both are taking home news and knowledge that we can apply directly to our daily work,” Unni points out as Linus nods in agreement.

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Stockholm, 12 April
Gothenburg, 21 April
Helsinki, Esbo, 26 April

Would you like to partake of the Maximo workshops? Go in here: https://www.iot-academy.info

Anna-Karin Evegård,
Marketing Manager Sweden, Enfo