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Blog January 13, 2016

Mentoring program for coaching Enfo’s young professionals

In the autumn of 2015, Enfo launched the High Potential Ambassadors Programme with the aim of highlighting young professionals and taking them further on their career with support and coaching from experienced mentors. As the name of the programme indicates, the management of Enfo selected 16 persons whose work performance is excellent and who show major future potential. The persons were selected evenly from Finland and Sweden and they comprehensively represent different business units. Matti Junkkarinen, Business Consultant at Financial Process Services, is one of those selected in the programme.

He is 34 years old and has an M.Sc (Technology) in industrial engineering. He started working at the Kuopio unit of Enfo over two years ago. Matti’s job description includes two aspects: he works with both the internal and external interfaces. One of his tasks is to be the business controller of Financial Process Services, and another one is to be a ZmartFinance consultant in solution planning for considering what kind of services are designed for customers and how they are priced.

“On the one hand, I consider Enfo’s internal finance and its current situation, and on the other hand, customer finance and how we could optimally serve them in that. This is an excellent post to work with both of the themes! The roles are mutually beneficial: for example, you understand better how services should be priced and what risks we have in relation to services”, says Matti.

This is the first time Enfo implements the programme. During a pilot programme that will end in June 2016, the group will gather six times for one-and-a-half day long workshops where the coached persons will learn more from one another and from the mentors, in regard to management work, strategy, financial analysis, career planning and different challenges related to business functions. At the moment, the Enfo level up! Competence Roadshow is also in progress, where those included in the High Potential Ambassadors Programme visit Enfo locations to share different customer cases to demonstrate Enfo’s competence areas, to show what customers are related to them and how services have been delivered to them by merging different competence areas.

“The goal of the programme is to teach us to look at things from the perspective of the company as a whole, and to network across “silos”, regardless of them being geographical or business-related. Personally, I want to utilise networking optimally so that I can boldly contact different business functions. I also want to learn new things about all themes related to the programme, the most recent one of them being HR management”, says Matti.

Experiences from the pilot programme will be evaluated next summer, and if the programme will be continued, the new programme, with new persons to be coached, will be launched in the autumn of 2016. Matti is very happy for being included in the programme even though it sometimes brings more work to him.

“Participating in the programme has been a positive experience and I believe that I have learned a lot. Working life is always about learning. To a younger version of myself, I would say that nothing will change if nothing is done, and everyone can take initiative in regard to the working environment and customers”, Matti says.