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digital transformation

Blog January 02, 2017

What does it take to succeed with digital transformation?

By now we are all used to booking accommodation and travel online, bypassing traditional middle men, thanks to new digital services like Airbnb and Uber. The companies that are born digital quite often get a head start compared to the incumbents, whose baggage is packed with old business models, structures and investments.

Is it even possible to transform a traditional business with new digital services? The success of startups that keep taking market shares from the traditional companies seem to contradict it, but there are also examples of successful initiatives within established corporations.

At our part of Enfo Integration (formerly e-man Connect) we help big and small companies transform their businesses using digital solutions (we call them Digital Business Enablers). A lot of these solutions are about integrating systems to make information readily available in new channels, without manual intervention.

The digital solutions are characterized by making the world smaller by connecting various parties effectively. By using the right processes and making the best technology choices they can also be launched quickly to provide benefits and competitive advantage immediately. However, to become agile, the greatest challenge does not lie in adopting what is new, rather it lies in the courage to kill your darlings. Here are two examples:

Darling #1 – inhibitive structures

In our experience, it is difficult to be innovative and agile if you are bound by old structures, that is traditional organizational divisions and processes. We are the most effective when we are organized as rapid development teams that take end-to-end responsibility for our solutions and where everyone is trusted with responsibility. These teams are integrated in the stakeholders business and expects it to provide quick feedback loops. In return, the delivery of features is also swift and incremental so the value is provided instantly and increases over time.

Darling #2 –  over-valued assets

A traditional company also needs to question the value of earlier investments in data centers, hardware and software licenses. Assets in the company may unfortunately turn out to slow down progress on the digital journey. Instead, we help our clients leverage cloud services to manage their new digital solutions for them. Since we are a next generation managed service provider, having automated processes for monitoring and deployment from the outset, the customer can offer a service with an SLA and a cost structure that is consistent back-to-back all  the way from consumer to supplier.

So, pack light and put on your running shoes if you want to compete in the digital transformation race! There are good opportunities even for mature runners if you have the guts to get in the game with the youngsters.

Magnus Molin
, Enfo Integration