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Blog May 12, 2016

Interview of the month: Jacob Welsh

Careers seldom follow a straight path. But if you follow your heart, see the opportunities and aren’t afraid to try something new, anything can happen. Jacob literally put away his tools to focus whole-heartedly on sales, and at the age of 22 he started as a sales representative at Enfo.

Just three years later, Jacob has earned the title of Account & Alliance Manager, with responsibility for the partnership with American company MuleSoft. Things have moved quickly (everything seems to move quickly when Jacob’s around), as when he started he had never worked in the IT industry. But let’s start at the beginning.
“I studied Building & Construction at upper secondary school and worked at a call centre in my spare time. I started work as a joiner but realised straight away that it wasn’t my thing, I wanted to sell,” recounts Jacob.
A job soon came along as a business developer at a medical market research company, where Jacob stayed for two years; just as he was feeling ready to take on bigger challenges, Enfo advertised for a sales representative.
“My dad and my brother work in the IT industry and are very familiar with Enfo. ‘You’ll never get that job, Enfo’s too good for you’, they told me, which was pretty encouraging,” laughs Jacob.

Landed partnership with MuleSoft

The family was wrong. He got the job and within a year or so he had also managed to land a partnership agreement with MuleSoft. This means that he had developed the partnership from scratch.
“I think it’s an advantage that I’m English and completely bilingual. I can communicate and negotiate well with Americans, who do have a completely different way of thinking. MuleSoft invested heavily in us, so it was a major advantage that we signed a deal with Nordic Choice just six months later,” says Jacob.
The Nordic Choice Hotels chain has, with Enfo’s help, built a totally new integration and API platform based on MuleSoft’s products.

Honesty important in business

Which brings us to business. Jacob is sure of one thing:
“I can do the business, but without the team I’m nothing. My skilled colleagues, who know the technology and all the other bits and pieces that have to be put in place for a solution to work, are every bit as important. I think I got the job at Enfo because I’m honest and clear about what I can do, and that’s important when you’re doing business,” says Jacob.
“Sales in general is all about getting to know the customer’s business, being proactive and of course delivering what we’ve promised; if we don’t deliver it’s bad for both the customer and Enfo. That’s why it’s so important that the team is in agreement about what’s possible and what’s the best solution for the customer.”
Jacob Welsh is an independent person who is really happy at Enfo:
“I was given a lot of responsibility from the outset, but I was also responsible myself for making sure I learned why our customers choose Enfo as a supplier. Of course this meant going out to a lot of customer meetings.”
His mentor is Anders Eriksson, Sales Manager at Enfo. Jacob gets a lot of satisfaction and benefit from Anders:
“His knowledge and experience of sales are absolutely massive. He shares all he can with me openly in order to help me in my development,” explains Jacob.
Anders and Jacob meet up about once a month, but are in regular contact to bounce ideas off each other and discuss various situations.
“The best thing about working here is that I, as a 25-year-old, am also given responsibility for major projects and for presenting what we’ve done for our customers at events such as Radar I2I. I feel that Enfo has faith in me.”

No “bosses”, just leaders

One of the things that Jacob likes most of all about Enfo is the attitude of always doing something instead of nothing.
“Enfo has a flat organisation without hierarchies. There are no ‘bosses’ here, but lots of ‘leaders’. We listen to one another and act on the thoughts that we and our customers have.”
There is a clear ambition to be the leader in the Digital Dimension, and everyone knows where Enfo is heading.
Jacob also knows where he is heading: he wants to be responsible for sales at Enfo.

In his spare time Jacob tries to lower his golf handicap or beat one of his friends at a racquet sport. He has just bought a new apartment, and his joinery skills come in handy when he has to do odd jobs like installing a bar table.
He plans to spend his summer holiday travelling either to Tokyo or to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It seems that extremes come naturally to Jacob Welsh.