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Blog April 14, 2016

We live in the digital dimension, often without even thinking about it

Our world is changing at a furious speed. To consider how the world look like at the beginning of the last century and the innovations that have taken us to where we are today can cause a slight dizzy feeling.

My grandmother used to say that the washing machine was the most revolutionary invention during her lifetime. It isn´t hard to understand when you consider the workload required from the women to wash before the washing machine was available. Now we can´t imagine a world without it.

Personal computers and mobile phones also have completely changed what is possible. Fantasy yesterday - reality today.

Digitalization is a revolution going on in the present. We live in the digital dimension, often without even thinking about it. We are members of loyalty programs and take part of bonuses, benefits and tailored offers. In return, we share the information that companies can use in their marketing and in their own business development.

On social media we share a lot of information about ourselves. The apps on our smartphones store data about us and our behavior. We are getting more and more dependent on having access to all these smart gadgets while giving away private information.

Also "things" connects today for sharing data. Internet of Things (IoT) can for example provide manufacturing companies with information in order to optimize the utilization of the machines (as Åsa describes in her blog post Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics - What’s in a name?) or forward information to delivery service companies to minimize fuel consumption in vehicles.

The way we work, learn new skills, and how we consume products and services has changed and will continue to change as technology develops. This require adaptation from us as individuals and also changes in the way organizations and companies operates.

The amount of data in the world will double in a year and it is a challenge to identify which data is relevant and which data is noise, an important challenge to tackle in order to ensure good decisions.

But the data need not only be seen as a competitive advantage. I hope that by using the available data we can make the world a better and safer place. With the information from collected and analyzed data, we can create safer cars and traffic situations, we can ensure better care for patients, solve crimes faster and safer or reduce environmental impact through customized process flows.

The revolutionary washing machine from grandmother's time has developed and machines connected to Internet that you can control or monitor from an app on your smart phone is not just a dream of the future. Now we have to make use of all this data to make the smartest decisions for the future.

Helena Thille

Business Intelligence Consultant