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News April 15, 2012

Emma Johansson, Olympic candidate 2012

Another chapter of the competitions!

Time flies and so do my legs…

The last two weeks in Norway has done me good. The workout that I have done has been really effective, and I have a good feeling about what’s next. I look forward to fighting in a race again, and mentally I feel ready to dig deeper this time! The first race to be ready for is Gooik-Geraardsbergen-Gooik 1.2, May 17. Then on the schedule, a different and far more adventurous race in South Africa (Tour de Free State 2,1)!

I am really looking forward to go there and see Johannesburg and the beautiful scenery around the big city. Another thing I also look forward to is to compete against another bunch than the one I’m used to in Europe. New teams with new contestants will be an exciting change.

I’m aiming for crossing the finish line first of all, with my arms up in the air! It feels like it is long overdue and I’m afraid I have almost forgotten the feeling…

Hopefully Sara and I can gather some more UCI points to get Sweden back among the top nations which gives us 4 places in the Olympics. And the €5000 first prize is also a bit tempting!

So wish me luck!

Emma Johansson