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News May 19, 2015

Article in IT24.se: Now Enfo wants to bring everything under one roof

Interview with Lars Aabol, CEO of Enfo Sweden, at IDG’s IT24.se on 19 May 2015

A brief summary of the article:

Enfo’s Swedish strategy has consisted of having a number of different companies, in which they took on the role of experts within each area. At present the business consists of the niche companies Zourcing, Zipper, Zystems, Pointer, Zuite and the latest acquisition, Framsteg.

While there is a desire to bring more companies under the Enfo umbrella, work is under way to improve the way the businesses work together. Enfo wants to gather all of its resources in one place. Partly geographically, but also so that the various offerings can be more easily combined. And this will be achieved by such means as a physical move, with all those at Enfo in Stockholm being based in a shared office.

“We want to become a bigger player in the Swedish market, especially in Stockholm. And that’ll be partly achieved through acquisitions. We aim to acquire a few businesses in the areas we believe in,” Lars Aabol told IT24.se, and while he didn’t want to reveal any names, he confirmed that there are irons in the fire.

Read the full article at IT24.se

(In Swedish)