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News March 15, 2015

Bröderna Brandt Bil cuts costs and improves quality in the operating environment using Enfo Zipper

Bröderna Brandt Bil AB is one of the biggest dealerships in the Swedish Volvo business. The Group has about 400 employees and is currently represented at more than twenty sites across seventeen locations, with annual turnover of around SEK 1,800 million.

For Brandt Bil, it’s absolutely crucial that the operating system is working if they’re to be able to work efficiently. The system wasn’t working as it should in the old IT setup and updates would cost too much to implement, which resulted in the dealers staying with Windows XP for far too long. In the end there were no computers adapted for XP and it took a long time to have a computer certified to work in the old environment.

When collaboration with the previous supplier and the new solution didn’t work, the company turned to Enfo Zipper. Daniel Schwartz, IT Manager at Bröderna Brandt Bil, believes that the choice of Enfo Zipper was obvious. He felt that an earlier solution implemented by Enfo Zipper had worked well for almost ten years until Windows 7 computers started to appear.

Brandt Bil wanted a system that they could control themselves. Instead of a centralised platform, dealerships wanted the facility to make their own decisions in the event of problems, rather than waiting for a decision from somewhere else. Together with Enfo Zipper and two other dealerships, Volvo Bil and Helmia Bil, a shared platform was created. The three dealerships agreed on one design with three installations, which cut costs by one third.

The work started with workshops in order to assess the scope of the project and set up a structured plan for the project. After this, virtually all of the work was carried out remotely, which meant that Enfo Zipper only needed to spend about two weeks on site. One contributory factor for the efficiency was the use of self-service migration through the ZervicePoint self-service portal from Enfo Zipper.

The new solution has given Brandt Bil a stable platform, which has resulted in a significant fall in the number of support cases submitted to the help desk. More efficient application management has also cut costs by more than 30%. The costs of new development have also been reduced thanks to the partnership between the three car dealerships.

A permanent partnership is planned for the future between Enfo Zipper and the other dealerships. At the moment discussions are under way about an implementation of Windows 10, with the intention of involving several dealerships that have become tired of central operations and not being able to make their own decisions. For the new implementation, consideration is being given to letting one dealer take on the role of test pilot. This will further reduce costs, and the other dealerships can produce all the input and thus contribute to the new test.


The need

The challenge was to create solutions for the earlier operating environment, which didn’t satisfy the requirements from Volvo Cars and its applications. These also included an efficiency requirement, which comprised both increased quality and lower costs.

The solution

The solution involves a new, modern, standardised Microsoft infrastructure. The structure consists of Microsoft Windows 7 with Microsoft SCCM for an automated environment for the distribution of standard clients and applications. The existing Active Directory was upgraded to the latest version and Microsoft Lync was introduced.

The benefit

The new solution has given Brandt Bil a stable platform, one of the effects being a significant fall in the number of support cases submitted to the help desk. Application management has also cut its costs by more than 30% as well as reducing the costs of new development through the creation of a partnership with another two dealerships.

Bröderna Brandt Bil’s three top tips for a successful project:

  1. Secure information to the end user

    It’s important that the end user receives the information that is needed. A new platform involves a major change for the end user. For example, end users need to know exactly what is happening on the day we’re on site to change computers, and what they need to save before the new platform is implemented. Clear information and a communication campaign reduce the number of calls to the IT department.
  2. Use mentors to offer help

    Training is absolutely crucial when implementing a new platform. We also appointed people to act as mentors at each facility, and they were given extra training. These people then offered extra support when we were busy on a migration process somewhere else.
  3. Collaborate

    The partnership with Volvo Bil and Helmia Bil didn’t just produce cost savings. In a large project it’s easy to miss out a system, you can’t keep an eye on all systems “from the desktop”. They say that too many cooks spoil the broth, but in this case it was both cost-efficient and time-efficient.