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News March 02, 2015

Enfo enables digital innovation at ESAB

Valuable insights, business opportunities and services emerge when integrating traditional products, smart networks and available services in the cloud. Integrating the physical world with the digital one is usually known as the Internet of Things. The number of connected devices will pass 4.9 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach 25 billion by 2020. Manufacturing industry is facing a paradigm shift in which digitisation is changing the conditions for possible products and services through integrated devices, processes and systems.

ESAB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment and consumables for welding and cutting, with over one hundred years’ experience of research, development and change management. The company is currently undergoing a major development phase in which welding itself will be at the centre of a system that facilitates and rationalises the whole production process. Enfo, together with ESAB’s Global Director of Strategy Anders Lindh, is leading the development phase, and Enfo’s experience and thought processes form an important component in taking digitised development to the next level.

“Enfo’s not a supplier, but right from the very start has been a partner in the project,” explains Anders Lindh.

Welding is a joining technology that has been developed at a slow pace over the last century, and the industry is firmly controlled with strict regulations. Digitisation is opening up new ways of improving processes and work methods, as well as developing products. In partnership with Enfo, ESAB has integrated the physical equipment with various information systems in order to make it easier to gather information for analysis and processing. The partnership has worked well, with ESAB responsible for the welding expertise and Enfo for the integration, explains Anders Lindh.

When all data from the welding processes are collected in one single system, it enables not only more efficient work methods but also optimised processes. As data will come from thousands of welding systems and customers, the overall picture becomes a rich source for development, research and analysis. This also becomes an important tool in work on preventive maintenance and other services in order to drive customer value.

“I’m impressed by how quickly our partner Enfo is at understanding and translating our needs into effective solutions. We can now develop our platform to produce a number of new services for our customers. Development is moving at an incredible tempo and in the last six months it’s really started to accelerate, both in our company and among our customers.” – Anders Lindh, Global Director of Strategy, ESAB

By connecting the digital dimension, the processes are now linked up and ESAB’s portfolio of products and services is becoming increasingly integrated into the customer’s unique production and maintenance processes. Quality systems, case management and production planning can now be fully integrated, which improves efficiency, traceability and quality for the end customer.

ESAB is aware that there are competitors offering similar solutions, but by guaranteeing continued collaboration with Enfo the company is sure of being at the forefront of a growing business area. A business area that creates value for the customer that also keeps up with digitisation. Customers have recognised the opportunities and in many important segments have already started to demand systems for collecting and analysing data. They aren’t satisfied with the “same old” solutions and ESAB is delighted to be able to offer help with rapidly developing products.

“I look forward to an ongoing partnership with Enfo, who have been impressive with all of the knowledge and the wealth of innovation they possess,” concludes Anders Lindh.

About ESAB:

ESAB is a world leader in the manufacturing of welding and cutting equipment and consumables. Their innovative, world-famous equipment and solutions are developed in collaboration with their customers and are based on the expertise and extensive experience they possess as a leading global manufacturer. The company offers an extremely comprehensive range of products and solutions for virtually all welding and cutting processes as well as applications. They supply industries that serve the world.

The ESAB Group is owned by the Colfax Corporation.

More than a century has passed since ESAB was founded and they now operate all over the world. The Group is organised in the following regions: Europe, North America, South America, Asia/Pacific and India. ESAB has 8,700 employees and is represented in virtually all countries through subsidiaries and agents. They offer sales and support in 80 countries and have 26 manufacturing facilities in four continents.

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