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News February 17, 2015

Enfo helps Outokumpu to increase production at a lower cost

Processes relating to maintenance are now at peak level at Outokumpu and its famous Avesta Ironworks, where new ideas and thoughts from Enfo Framsteg have systematised production. Enfo Framsteg’s winning concept All the Way to Value™, in which knowledge of the business, processes and experiences of analysis and best practice, takes the project out to all parts of the organisation. The versatility that Enfo’s employees possess, combined with engagement from Outokumpu, has taken the joint project all the way to the name of the concept, namely – all the way to value!


Outokumpu in Avesta has long been carrying out focused work to improve maintenance in order to create a more efficient, safer production process, a task that has used both internal and various external resources.

Mikael Larsson, Stores Manager at Outokumpu, explains that the company never achieved the desired effect from the various initiatives, and that this was why his curiosity was aroused when he heard a presentation about Enfo Framsteg’s new concept All the Way to Value™. After the presentation, Mikael himself took the initiative and booked a meeting with Enfo Framsteg to dig a little deeper into the conceptual content. Mikael felt that the actual name of the concept was very attractive, as that was precisely what they wanted to achieve. The purpose of All the Way to Value™ is to combine experiences from the customer’s operations and actual facts based on factual data with Enfo Framsteg’s Best Practice in these areas. So the holistic approach felt like the obvious way forward for Outokumpu.

The solution and the benefit

The main focus of the project was to rationalise the overall planning and preparation process with all of its integrated materials, tools and above all labour force, both internally and externally. Company management sent out a clear message that the project had top priority, and even management underwent ongoing training.

“It really does feel as though we’ve worked through all the issues in a very methodical and effective way, which has meant that we now have a very good solution in place. Since the turn of the year there’s been a full focus on rolling out the solution and training all resources in the new work method and why it’s so important for our business,” believes Mikael Larsson.

Work is now more systematic, the processes are clearer and the allocation of responsibility has also been defined more clearly. The reduction in disruption to production and the enhanced processes for planning and preparation are making production more efficient, so the company is getting more out of its machines at a lower cost. Experiences of the partnership with Enfo Framsteg have been positive throughout at Outokumpu, and Mikael Larsson explains that even though they are only just starting to measure the effects of the project, there is no doubt that production is now more efficient and that the partnership will continue in new development areas.

The important of access to the right data and opportunities for effective analysis

Outokumpu is also in the final phase of completing a key indicator application together with Enfo Framsteg in the QlikView decision support solution, which they have linked to the IBM MAXIMO Asset Management maintenance system. In developing the two system support solutions they have benefited from Enfo’s combined competence in the areas of analysis, maintenance and systems expertise.

“We’ve had lots of help right from the outset, as here too there was ready-to-use Best Practice relating to key indicators and analyses, and we’ve also seen a strong focus on key quality indicators that will help us to drive the operational enhancement and provide good control over the quality of our data,” explains Mikael Larsson.

Preventive maintenance further optimises production

As mentioned earlier, Outokumpu will in future be further developing maintenance work, one element of which is active work on preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is a means of minimising production stoppages and further rationalising production. During the year these new opportunities for analysis will enable the company to focus on the right parts of the facility and thus take the right action.

All the Way to Value™

All the Way to Value™ is a concept developed by Enfo Framsteg over the period 2012-2014, and it has proven to be both attractive in theory and operationally effective, in the view of Mats Eliasson, Managing Director at Enfo Framsteg.

“We’ve really appreciated being part of the project, in which Outokumpu has been active on their part with full focus from company management and all the way out with key people in the project. With Mikael leading the way, there’s been a high level of engagement and knowledge from the customer. It’ll be really great to continue to be part of this development, to be able to prove the financial benefits that will emerge,” concludes Mats.

About Outokumpu

Outokumpu is a world leader in the field of stainless steel and has a vision to be the obvious leader. Customers in many different industries all over the world use their stainless steel. It is completely recyclable, maintenance-free and also both strong and durable. A material to build a sustainable future. Outokumpu has about 8,000 employees in more than 30 countries. The Group’s head office is in Esbo, Finland. Outokumpu is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

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