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News May 26, 2016

Counter-Strike:GO Tournament: Sweden-Finland 1-0

The third Friday in May Enfo's first ever Counter-Strike:GO tournament was played between four talented CS:GO teams from Finland and Sweden.

 Great idea for the game came from one of Enfo’s managers, Janne Jaakkola, who was the driving force for the tournament and arranged the practicalities between the teams. There’s a lot of active computer game players across Enfo and when traveling between Enfo’s offices Janne noticed that common interest unites and it would be nice to learn to know one’s colleagues better personally as well. Jaakkola decided to bring likeminded people together and arrange a tournament between the countries.

- Playing boosts innovation and performs an essential role in building relationships by bringing people closer together and creating a positive bond, Jaakkola reflects.

The actual tournament was played Friday evening and the participation exceeded expectations. Four teams consisting of five persons were gathered together and the online stream was viewed over 400 times. Despite the competitive battle between the countries the atmosphere was fun and friendly.

And finally the answer to question on everyone’s lips: The Swedes won the competition after a tough battle which of course harms the Finns.

-  A rematch will definitely be organized at some point so we can even out the situation. We’ll try to make the tournament even bigger so that even more people can join from all Enfo offices, Jaakkola promises.