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News February 04, 2016

Enfo employee receives unique IBM award once more

Every year IBM names a number of people all over the world to receive the prestigious, unique title of “IBM Champion”.

To become an “IBM Champion”, the person in question needs to be nominated by someone within his or her organisation or directly by IBM, before going before IBM’s Champion committee. The criteria for the title are to have extensive, broad knowledge of IBM’s technology and products, and to use these to create genuine business value within the organisation.

“It is essentially about helping to develop the product in question, making it better and refining it. To do this you have to like the product, otherwise it’s difficult to be innovative,” explains Enfo consultant Anders Wasén. Anders has no problem liking IBM’s products, he has worked with them for many years and views it as a challenge to open up new markets for new products, and to push the boundaries of areas of application.

So it is no surprise that Anders Wasén will, for the fifth year in a row, receive the title “IBM Champion”. Furthermore, he is the only person in the Nordic region to receive the award, something of which he is naturally proud.

“It has been and is a great honour to be an IBM Champion and to retain the title. It’s an acknowledgement that the work you do is both appreciated and generates meaningful business value,” he says.