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News January 28, 2016

Welcome to Enfo in the Digital Dimension

At Enfo, we’re kicking off 2016 with changes that strengthen our customers’ businesses in the Digital Dimension. The Digital Dimension requires a new mindset, since IT as a separate function will disappear in the future. Innovation is a key driver to empower our customers in reaching their full digital potential.

Organizations in all industries are looking for new business models where digital and physical models fuse. We are changing our way of working, too, in order to support our customers in this journey. As we’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve changed our strategy and our business structure, as well as acquired new companies. Our new brand promise, “Simpler, smoother, smarter business in the Digital Dimension,” with the brand new website sums up the recent changes for our customers.

Our primary target is to offer more integrated and holistic business solutions with managed IT services. Second, we will create a model for co-innovation and agile development in order to test new ideas and support customers’ business targets.  By combining our capabilities, we will deliver greater business value to our customers.

Our ability to develop and add new, specialized competencies will enable us to excel in the Digital Dimension. This is “Thinking beyond tomorrow while taking responsibility for today.”

1,000 experts are Enfo

The new strategy also clarifies that Enfo’s 1,000 niched experts act together as one Enfo, over 15 areas of expertise, to develop, implement and manage the solutions that best serve our clients’ business development. 

Digitalization permeates all companies, regardless of how aware they are of it. And it will increase, whether the digitalization level is high, with automated solutions for routine tasks, business intelligence, multi-integration with customers and end users, and the Internet of Things, or relatively low, such as an email server in the Cloud.

“Simpler, smoother, smarter business in the Digital Dimension”

Several of our customers are at the forefront of the digital process. Together with them, we have developed solutions that, in turn, generate new business models for their customers. Others are taking their first steps into the Digital Dimension.

For us, it’s not really important where you, the customer, are on your journey. The vital thing is that you are willing to grow with us, in a mutual process, in which we show the available options for putting the strategy into practice, today and tomorrow. That’s why we’re clear about having ideas, talent and time on our side. Step by step.

Welcome to Enfo.