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News November 02, 2016

Enfo's Managed Services' Service Desk has been granted a quality certificate

Enfo now offers even more customer-oriented and uniform service, as Managed Services' Service Desk has managed to get its ISO9001 quality certificate extended to the Nordic level.

“From the point of view of our customers, it is a great benefit that the company offering them services has been quality audited and has been granted a certificate based on the auditing. This guarantees that the service will continue to be as high-quality as it has been.  The ISO9001 certificate has been proven to guarantee that the customer is heard and that operations are developed based on the received feedback. This has been the practice at Enfo for a long time but now the operations have been certified,” says Tero Saksman, EVP of Enfo's Managed Services.

Customer satisfaction is measured on many levels:

  • based on individual tickets
  • based on research sent to Enfo's contact person
  • based on an annual survey directed at users
  • with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool that indicates the state of customer satisfaction
Enfo received a good score in the auditing, especially in the fields of documentation and process descriptions and real-time process monitoring. In the past year Enfo's Managed Services' Service Desk has also implemented a new procedure for improving quality, in which the received feedback is discussed with the person who has given the feedback.
Enfo operates consistently on a Nordic level on different areas of its operations. Quality auditing is a great way to support the continuity and development of the existing operating model.
This is the third certificate that Enfo has been granted. The continuously developing industry in which Enfo operates and the challenging operating environment demand the regular implementation of new practices, so that our operations are improved and we can offer our customers the best services possible, corresponding to their needs.