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news October 25, 2016

Blueprint Genetics, Enfo and Elinar at the stage in IBM World of Watson seminar

One of the largest annually organized IBM Events started Yesterday in Las Vegas. This year the name of the seminar is World of Watson and it focuses on data, analytics and cognitive solutions. The seminar lasts till Friday and gathers together thousands of participants from all over the world.

This year the seminar is exceptional for Enfo, since Yesterday the customer case of Blueprint Genetics was presented by Samuel Myllykangas, CTO of Blueprint Genetics, Tommi Salmi Director of Big Data and outsourcing of Enfo Rongo and Ari Mähönen, Senior Software Developer of Elinar. Blueprint Genetics is one of the most promising startup companies in Finland that offers some of the most innovative genetic testing in the world, enabled with big data analytics. The cloud-based solution, developed by EnfoRongo, handles a colossal amount of unstructured and structured data. It also enables a 360-degree view of the data that improves speed, quality and accuracy for the geneticist to create comprehensive and clinically actionable reports for clinicians worldwide.  Combining this with a Case Management system developed by Elinar has reduced manual work by up to 80% and enabled Blueprint Genetics to expand its offering from 20 tests to over 400, serving over 240 hospitals and clinics in more than 20 countries.

Read the story of Blueprint Genetics: http://ecc.ibm.com/case-study/us-en/ECCF-IMC15023USEN