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News August 04, 2017

Explore exciting opportunities at Enfo

Enfo is a company where passion meets the Digital Dimension.

Enfo is a Nordic IT business at the vanguard of digitalization. With 1,000 employees across the Nordic area they provide a broad range of services from business solutions and financial processes, to managed IT services. The supportive culture, exciting work with advanced technology, and freedom to define the path taken at Enfo are just some of the reasons to explore opportunities with Enfo. Let’s meet Annika and Tommi to find out.

Meet Annika...

Annika Palm works as a Business Intelligence Consultant at Enfo’s Data and Analytics Competence Center in Stockholm. She joined Enfo in 2013. As a project leader, Annika both manages projects and works as a developer.  Her mission is to give the client better awareness of what an asset their own data can be and what the they can do with it to make better decisions. One of the first positives Annika noticed at Enfo was the strong gender balance, which she immediately noticed as better than previous IT businesses. The supportive culture and working with a team of passionate colleagues is another positive Annika quickly noticed. 

“I could not have found better colleagues to work with and to learn from.” 

With colleagues Annika describes as hungry for new technology, who push to learn the latest trend, working at Enfo means being surrounded by people passionate about IT. Creative thinking and at atmosphere of innovation are other key reasons why Annika enjoys her work at Enfo. We’re encouraged to bring new things to the table and try new things out, says Annika. It isn’t about clinging to one way of working and doing the same thing every day; at Enfo you are encouraged to change things for the better.

Meet Tommi...

Tommi Salmi joined Enfo in 2015. With a background in Information Management and Analytics, Tommi has deep experience working for businesses in Finland and abroad. The blend of different roles at Enfo makes Tommi passionate about his work. Because Enfo works both in hardware and software, there is an exciting value proposition both to the customer and to employees like Tommi who experience a variety of exciting roles within IT. 

“Enfo has a unique ability to combine different competencies.”  

Projects at Enfo often involve working with clients that inspire Tommi with their openness and hunger for innovation. I am inspired by the customers who say "we can do anything, we just need to find a way to do it".

Explore opportunities at Enfo 

At Enfo, the well-balanced, supportive culture ensures growth and learning opportunities for employees to find projects that excite them. This is combined with working on the megatrends transforming our world, such as digitalization, artificial learning and machine learning. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about a role at Enfo.

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