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Sillan Tatu Tulokas (vas.) & Enfon Tero Kosunen

News March 08, 2017


The IT and business solution expert Enfo and the leading expert in HR and payroll services, Silta, have launched a cooperation scheme. The new partnership now creates a one-stop shop for financial administration and payroll services.

The newly started cooperation supports the strategic goals of both companies, emphasizing state-of-the-art customer experience in a digital environment. The solid goal of the partners is to cater to their customers’ needs through extensive synergy benefits, system integration and helping the customers concentrate on their core business more strongly than before.

“We are excited about this new partnership, which gives Silta strategic support, in particular when it comes to strengthening the excellent customer experience in our day-to-day work. Shared with Enfo, we have a solid understanding of our fields of business and investment in digital services. I believe we can better serve our mutual customers, save time, and meet the customer’s challenges in a more holistic way. In this respect, just as in everything we do, our number one goal is to generate cost savings and an improved customer experience for the client,” explains Tatu Tulokas, CEO of Silta.

“We want to provide our customers with services that produce added value. Both companies also focus on continuous service development instead of just settling for the status quo. Enfo and Silta are highly motivated to create better services and carry out innovative development so as to attain that goal,” says Tero Kosunen, EVP, Financial Process Services, at Enfo.

If you would like to hear more about the partnership between Enfo and Silta and how we can help you develop your business and boost the efficiency of your support activities, please contact us at:
Juha Heiskanen, Director, Financial Process Services, Enfo, tel. +358 50 444 6684, juha.heiskanen@enfo.fi
Tatu Tulokas, CEO, Silta, tel. +358 50 3935 073, tatu.tulokas@silta.fi

Enfon ja Sillan tiimi

From left: Jani Rahja (Silta), Tatu Tulokas (Silta), Juha Heiskanen (Enfo), Tero Kosunen (Enfo), Laura Rantanen (Enfo) ja Olli Mäkinen (Silta).