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Press release February 02, 2017


The sale of Enfo Oyj’s subsidiary, Enfo Zender, an information logistics services provider, to Trust Kapital has been concluded and the business transaction completed.

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The finalization of the transaction depended on approval from authorities. This approval was granted, and other conditions for the transaction were also met.

On 17 January 2017, Enfo published a press release concerning the sale of its subsidiary, Enfo Zender, an information logistics services provider, to Trust Kapital, a company specializing in invoicing and payment control services. Trust Kapital is based in Kuopio, Finland. Read the press release.

More information:

Arto Herranen, CEO, Enfo Oyj, tel. +358 44 719 3000, arto.herranen@enfo.fi

Artti Aurasmaa, CEO, Trust Kapital Group TKG Oy, tel. +358 45 186 1775, artti.aurasmaa@trustkapital.fi

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