Press release August 16, 2017

Enfo launches a program to simplify operations

Enfo Group is revising its current business structure. The purpose of the change is to speed up the implementation of the Group strategy and to improve customer focus in operations.

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Competence areas

The Group launches today a program to simplify its operations and is potentially making personnel reductions affecting approximately 70 positions in Finland and Sweden totally. The potential reductions will mainly concern employees in the managerial positions and in the administrative operations. At the end of June 2017, Enfo’s total headcount was 980 employees. Any labour negotiations will be executed in cooperation with the personnel and in compliance with local legal requirements. 

"In alignment with our strategy we will focus on strong growth in areas with great growth potential like integration and data analytics. In these segments, we want to recruit more experts than is currently available in the market. The role of managerial work has changed from administration to coaching. Also, automatized workflows require less administrative effort. Therefore, we are streamlining our operations to improve customer focus in operations", says Enfo’s CEO Arto Herranen

For additional information, please contact:
Arto Herranen, CEO, Enfo, tel. +358 44 719 3000 
Lars Aabol, Managing Director, Enfo Sweden AB, tel.  +46 73 6840 380

Enfo – Simpler, smoother and smarter business in the Digital Dimension Enfo is a Nordic IT service company offering business solutions, financial processes and managed IT services. Our passion is helping customers in the digital dimension by creating innovative digital solutions that develop, innovate and improve our customers’ business. In 2016 Enfo’s turnover was EUR 128 million. Enfo employs approximately 1000 niched experts.