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Cloud services are central to doing business in the Digital Dimension. The Cloud brings a whole new world of opportunities — accelerating agility, but also craving a new mindset in your organization.

There’s a huge array of Cloud services and the differences are not always easy to understand. They can be public, leveraging huge volumes and global coverage, or private, with tighter control and security. The optimal solution is often a hybrid between the supplier's data center, public Cloud services, and maybe your organization’s own premises — combining the best aspects of every model.

Security issues are important for most companies. For certain services and verticals, storage in a known and trusted data center is the ideal solution. Yet, no matter what you choose, public, private and hybrid Cloud solutions all require specific expertise and comprehensive operation and maintenance services.

A journey towards new goals

To make the journey to the Cloud, your organization needs to map out the current situation, set a destination and establish a clear route.

Usually this means making major changes and upgrades in the IT infrastructure before setting out on your journey. Choose your partner carefully, as these projects are extensive and involve often surprising technical challenges.

The Cloud itself, whether it's public or private, does not give any value to business by itself. That's why target-setting, value proposition and business casing are essential.

Within Enfo, you have niche expertise along your entire journey to and in the Cloud. We help your organization clarify your current situation, visualize the destination, establish directions, evaluate and procure services, roll out the solution and manage the operation.

In addition to helping you take advantage of public Cloud offerings, we enable private and Hybrid Cloud scenarios. Our data centers in Kuopio and Karlskrona are ISO 27001 certified, which is a result of exceptionally high security and a systematic process for development and maintenance of the systems.

Enfo Oyj is a Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH) authorized by Microsoft to host your Windows virtual machines.
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EXPLORE what we know and do


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