Innovative development of digital concepts and products for the future


We bring positive digital disruption to Nordic companies with global brands. By combining strategy, design and technology in our work methodology we transform ideas into innovative digital products for the future.

The ability to take on the digital business challenges and possibilities of today is key to continued success. We work with you to identify where you are on the Maturity Model for Digital, and to find your best digital opportunities – your “killer apps.” We then develop your idea from both a functional and commercial perspective. 

From idea to fully working pilot in only 10 weeks!

We develop applications the entire way from idea to complete product, according to a design-driven engagement model called W10. The objective is to have a fully working pilot of your digital service or application, including thoroughly developed interface, functionality and connectivity of physical products through the Internet-of-things project, after just 10 weeks.
Building a pilot is a fast and cost-effective way to evaluate an idea or several different ideas, and it can be used to solicit feedback internally and from customers. A great deal of work from the pilot can be re-used in launching the product, and the path to market becomes significantly shorter.

Many of our projects are carried out in the creative environment of Digital Dimension | LABS

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EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do


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