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Internet of things

The Digital Dimension is all about user experience. Through attractive and powerful websites with global connection to customers, suppliers, colleagues and devices, digital solutions and services are replacing manual routines. Advanced analysis of data and social behavior leads to better decisions, in real time if desired. With the Internet of Things, we can truly create simple, smooth and smart business in the Digital Dimension.

Digital devices and services have revolutionized our personal lives, and now they’re transforming the way we work. With digital solutions, conditions are shifting for how businesses reach customers, partners and employees. In increasing measure, customers are demanding well-functioning, integrated digital services for seamless retail, web and mobile experiences. Apps enable cost savings by making both internal and external processes more effective.

It’s in the Internet of Things where we find remarkable potential for development in all industries, as it offers much greater opportunities than simple communication between machines. By 2020, just around the corner, estimates predict the Internet of Things to consist of 50 billion connected devices.

Digital speed and secure operation

While there is vast potential in digital services and solutions, there is also a fog of uncertainty — often surrounding areas such as governance (control), security, integration and more. Control over information is absolutely essential to ensure that services generate the desired improvements.

Functioning at two speeds — that is having both reliable platforms, integration and security as well as agile solutions that can quickly evolve and change to test new ideas and business applications — is the challenge all types of organizations face.

By seeing the opportunities, understanding the problems and confronting the challenges to minimize risk and waste when introducing digital services and Internet-of-Things solutions, Enfo’s niche experts guide your organization into the Digital Dimension.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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