mobile devices revolutionize business development


Increasing use of mobile devices is opening new opportunities to simplify, improve and create new business processes. In parallel, developments in digitalization are happening fast. Integration between the physical and the digital world is revolutionizing how we create services and products as well as how we do business in the Digital Dimension.

Digital devices have revolutionized our personal lives, and now they’re transforming the way we work. With mobility, conditions are shifting for how businesses reach customers, partners and employees. In increasing measure, customers are demanding well-functioning, integrated solutions for seamless retail, web and mobile experiences. Apps enable cost savings by making both internal and external processes more effective.

Digital speed and secure operations

Together with the huge potential in mobile apps and solutions, a fog of uncertainty exists — often surrounding areas such as governance, (control), security, integration and more. Controlling information is absolutely essential to ensure the services generate the desired improvements.

All organizations face the challenge of having functioning platforms, integrations, security and agile solutions they can quickly develop and change to test new ideas and business applications.

By seeing the opportunities, understanding the problems and confronting the challenges to minimize risk and waste when introducing mobile services and apps, Enfo’s niche experts guide your organization into the Digital Dimension.


Enfo also offers complete or partial outsourcing of your organization's mobile landscape. We can take over selection, purchasing, orders, upgrades, software installations, replacements, and more, thereby ensuring your organization's mobile devices are under control and equipped with what you need when you need it.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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