outsourcing gives space for time and creativity 


Outsourcing is about freeing your capacity to focus on your strengths. Whether it's you in your personal life sending your shirts for ironing or you in your worklife outsourcing the management of your IT environment to a reliable partner.

A natural area to start with outsourcing (in your worklife) is your IT environment, including management of business and productivity applications, infrastructure, mobile devices, PCs and various support services. A robust and reliable environment is the foundation on which you can build a more business-focused organization.

Successful outsourcing reduces costs and allows time to focus on core business, while at the same time giving you the agility you need to meet the challenges of a constantly changing business environment.

There are a variety of outsourcing strategies and offers available. It's important to choose wisely. And that starts with you and your organization deciding what you want to outsource and why.

With Enfo as a partner, you have access to the full spectrum, from outsourcing all non-core functions to outsourcing only certain parts. The important thing is that the outsourcing strategy is consistent with your own business strategy.

In addition to reducing costs and increases efficiency, outsourcing can also lead to new business models, unleash creativity and time, and result in more motivated employees.

Enfo ensures efficient and secure solutions that keep your business running.

Our outsourcing offer includes:

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • IT service management outsourcing (SIAM)
  • End-User Services Outsourcing
  • Application and Infrastructure Services Outsourcing

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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