More self-service means more time for business

Process Automation & Self-Service

In our personal lives, we book travel, order services and purchase products easily online, whenever and wherever we choose. In our work lives, however, developments in the Digital Dimension aren’t usually quite as far along. Yet it's vital to see self-service is an essential part of the services you offer your employees.

With simple, accessible services available internally in your organization, anywhere and anytime, natural routines and actions from personal life transfer to the workplace. This obviously saves time and gives employees greater freedom. Yet above all, the decision to introduce smart self-service should be the spark for your organization to improve and streamline processes.

Behind every beautifully designed and user-friendly interface there must be tested and automated processes that make the services meaningful. And that automation must be one with your business development to give your organization the full benefit of its investment in money, time and effort.

Thorough groundwork yields better self-service

Firm foundation, higher possibilities. That’s why it’s vital to remember that groundwork must be done right and thoroughly. The purpose and objective of the work needs to be well anchored throughout your organization — from management to operations. Automation work demands whole-hearted commitment from IT as well as other departments to reach full potential.

Simply transferring a manual process to digital isn't enough. In other words, without first taking an open-minded, exhaustive look into your processes, you won't gain the full results in time and cost savings. The more you question old routines, looking at them from new angles, the better digital services you can create. In fact, 80 percent of the work lies in identifying the processes in your organization, and 20 percent is actual automation implementation and visualization.

Within Enfo, you’ll find niche experts who will support your organization in automation planning of objectives and purpose, answer security questions in areas such as PUL and the EU Data Protection Act, help you through the process work and requirements for selecting tools, as well as implementation of your digitalized services.

Simplify the process with a self-service portal

One tool you can choose is Enfo's own self-service portal ZervicePoint. We've developed the portal based on deep experience in self-service in order to meet our customers' needs. With an intuitive interface, complex automated services become accessible with state-of-the-art ease and intelligence.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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