it security in business services


The more digital we become, the greater our need for security. The more security, the greater the risk that we perceive services as complicated. The more complicated we find services, the greater our dissatisfaction. That’s why security needs to be tailored to different needs and different roles to boost business in the simplest, smoothest, smartest way in the Digital Dimension.

By automating IAM (Identity and Access Management), your organization can increase its security, become more efficient and reduce costs. To give the right person the right access at the right time, an IAM platform can be the solution for handling matters such as user identity lifecycle management, access rights to business applications, single sign-on, (forgotten) password management, as well as updates and end-user self-service such as applying for new permissions or recovering passwords.

Better service for employees and customers

With efficient IAM management, user experience becomes significantly better, while control tightens and follow-through on internal policies and laws sharpens. 

Flexibility within your organization increases and implementation of new business and customer applications or B2B integrations becomes faster by, among other things, leveraging the full gamut of login solutions according to users, as well as offering self-service solutions such as customer registration and password recovery.

Whether you place your IAM platform locally within your organization or have it run as a service in the Cloud, Enfo can guide you through the entire process, from business requirements to technical configuration. And as usage matures, we’ll adapt the solution to meet your needs.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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