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In the Digital Dimension, data volume has exploded. Digitalization offers groundbreaking possibilities to better understand both your own business and the world in which you operate. Yet vast amounts of data combined with boundless technology can lead to stressful information overload, both in your private life and in your organization. That’s why it’s more important than ever to simplify and focus when you work with Business Intelligence (BI).

BI is about making better decisions. So "decision support" is a good way of describing what BI actually means. These better decisions will pave the way for you to make your business strategy a reality. And there is tremendous power in bringing a strategy to life — making it visible and tangible via the objectives, performance indicators and information a BI solution reveals and makes available for analysis.

Better decisions always align with strategy. Using your strategy as a guide, we can identify the right things to measure and the data that’s actually needed. Then we can define how to visualize the information in the most effective way based on different target groups’ needs. For example, using dashboards, analysis and self-service BI applications or fixed reports.

Holistic view of your organization in BI-Staircase™

Enfo uses the BI-Staircase™ as a basis for discussion when you’re choosing your ambition level and identifying activities for your BI investment.

For effective and value-adding decision support, it’s vital to take into account these three perspectives: strategy, organization/culture and technology/data.

In each step, for all three perspectives, there are clear guidelines for how to climb the stairs. The way forwards and upwards is detailed in a practical BI roadmap.

Enfo has deep experience and expertise in all three perspectives and can guide your organization with everything from strategic BI consulting to technical support in leading BI products.

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