That the right people have the right information at the right time is critical for business success. There are high demands on system integration as more components than ever before need to interact while still ensuring the fast time-to-market that's demanded in the Digital Dimension.

System integration, both inside and across the firewall, is a growing challenge for many companies. Add mobile devices, Internet of Things and APIs and you quickly have need of both robust IT with secure access to enterprise data as well as the ability for rapid change (agility) and sound governance.

Being open to this evolution is obviously better than trying to shut it out. This openness must allow your organization to easily and quickly test different ideas and innovations to see what makes best business sense, without compromising the security of the information flow.

Enfo's niche Integration experts work with a proven and future-proof approach: Baseline. With Baseline, your organization quickly gains a framework for Integration governance and a functioning platform that fulfills current and future needs, whether those involve Integration, API management or B2B gateways.

This is where your journey into the Digital Dimension begins.

We have a deep technical knowledge and extensive experience in designing, developing and managing solutions with a range of products and technologies.  

Currently Enfo Integration is working in Partnership with most of the major technology providing companies within the area.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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