Nodinite is a Swedish product and development company that focuses on developing and offering products in the IT integration area. The company is originated from the consultant world, where we for a long period of time have seen great potential for the market to create efficiency and achieve cost benefits by utilizing smart products that enhance the efficiency in the integration area. Integration Software has as their goal, to deliver the absolute best products to the market in the integration area, and to an investment that quickly and clearly will be counted back from several perspectives. Integration Software develops, owns, manages and sells its products. The company has signed agreements with several major players in the IT industry to implement the products.

Nodinite will provide the following capabilities: 

Log and Archive – All the information that flows through the integration platforms can be logged and archived. Logged messages are encrypted and compressed to conserve space and prevent unauthorized access to the data. Nodinite logs what you want as much as you want for as long as you want. 

Monitor – Fix your problems faster and get true End to End application monitoring and remote control for dependent resources in your system integration solutions whether they are running locally on premise, hybrid or in the cloud. 

Reports – Transform your company’s business critical data into real time decision support with rich visuals. Stay in the known spot trends as they happen and push your business further. Consume information using our Web based API’s that exposes industry standard json structures to the tool you know and like i.e. Excel, Power BI or ClickView. 

Documentation – Let your users gain access and insights to your valuable documentation sharing the information and creating a foundation for true co-operation when and where needed. Visualize your documentation using both the power of graphical models and tabular formats. The plugin based alert engine sends the repository data directly to you, no need to spend time on asking or searching for the documentation. Saves you frustration time and thereby money. 

From 2016 Baseline Integration Portal Service has been powered by Nodinite Product. Baseline Integration Portal Service can be delivered on premise or in the cloud and we will provide you with best practices, guide lines and training in the product. 

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