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Digital Solutions

Here you will find our digital solutions that harmonize with our best practice solutions - to create efficiency. We work with industry-leading solutions that have multiple options and support alternatives - based on your needs and requirements. Naturally, you can also get training within our best practice solutions

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We work with the following digital solutions within Service & Asset Management:

  • Maintenance system
  • Stoppage time monitoring
  • Quality system
  • Calibration system
  • Visualisation


IBM Maximo                                   

IBM Maximo is the leading system support for service and maintenance operations and gives you control of all kinds of equipment, production, resources, infrastructure, facilities, transport and communication by handling them all on a common platform. This platform makes it possible to share and execute best practices, stock, resources and personnel. Enfo is IBM's largest partner in the Nordic region and has extensive experience from across IBM Maximo and specific industry solutions and add-on modules. Today we have customers throughout the Nordic region who are happy to open their doors for a reference visit.


Efecto is an easy-to-use, robust and flexible maintenance system. Efecto Basic system constitutes the body of the Maintenance system and consists of a number of functions that interact. Efecto is an excellent tool that supports the business. Both in the daily work and in order to develop your maintenance.     

Monitoring Downtime

TAK/OEE is a way of measuring how often and how long the machines in your production stand still. Thanks to OEE you have access to detailed information about manufacturing in the company. This is the key to effectively find and process the bottlenecks that exist in production. The solution provides you with a good basis for decisions that clearly shows the capacity you have and provides the company with fact-based figures that can be relied upon. Today many suffer from a lack of information about the current production situation and in order to survive in the global competition it is important to produce more effectively and keep an eye on their TAK/OEE value.   


QIS is a quality system for bringing in production data in realtime and there are many different expressions given for what we do: some call it MES or EMI and others call it Quality or Operations Management or SPC. We have nothing against what they call it. Our goal is to raise the value of your company by helping you to improve the quality of the product, reduce losses and costs and optimise production flexibility - everything leads to more satisfied customers and higher profits. The aim is to build quality into the process instead of inspecting in it.

Visual factory gives you the tools to succeed in your visualization and demonstrate the company's Transparency. Solutions that been developed when we were at our customers and performed everything from training, standardization, process mapping to the new production system. You get everything in one place: visualization tools, inspiration for improvement and training in working methods. Would you also like help with the implementation or coaching in our relevant topics we will help you all the way - according to your requirements, needs and goals. Here you will find over 4000 visualization products.


Operation systems are living in a constantly changing shape as the business changes and constantly make new demands. A structured support / management solution is of utmost importance. Ever since we at Enfo started implementing digital solutions such as IBM Maximo, we have worked with a support / governance model to support our customers' need for a structured support solution. Our broad experience with various types of customer needs have allowed us to pack our support concept in a number of standardized services linked to clear SLAs and responsibility.


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