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Products and services for mapping your processes and organization. The aim is to give you a known process / present state to lay the foundation for your improvement, eliminate variation and create efficient processes / organizations with the goal of "easy to do right" and "right from me." If the processes are within the areas of maintenance, quality, improvement and new acquisition - the process is known to us and we can showcase best-practice processes. These we adapt then along your operations and conditions = fast road to results.

Service and Asset managment process 


Areas within process                               

Process mapping                                  

Process Mapping, we offer you to identify and create a common view of your process. Is the process already known to us, we use best practice processes that we have developed during a long time with experience from different types of industries. This gives you a shorter way and you reach your results faster.

Value flow analysis                                   

In production we make use of value flow to map, identify and reach consensus on where the improvement potentials are in your system and create the improvement plan required to fulfil the goal.                                        


Identify your organization's ability to carry out their processes. Together, we identify your current situation, define the desired state and create an action plan to take you all the way to the value.      


Streamline and assure the quality of your business and lay the foundation for continuous improvement. If process is known to us, we have standardized best-practice solutions that we can work from. This is to quickly, efficiently and with high precision to standardize your operations. The process is standardized so what, who, when and how is apparent. Operating Instructions of your digital solutions are developed to describe how you can best use them.

Production system          

Digitize your entire toolbox and your standards to allow for maximum usability and efficiency. Customized for your business and your improvement. The solution may be in your Intranet or in the cloud solution from us. We help you all the way.                                    


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