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Finavia heads toward the cloud – lease application for commercial services paving the way for automated reporting and invoicing

Finavia strives to develop its commercial services, one part of which is to automate relaying information related to the business premises of airports, determining rent, invoicing, and reporting. Enfo has built a lease application tailored to the needs of Finavia’s business and financial unit, in order to significantly reduce manual work.

The new lease application serves Finavia’s tenants along with Finavia’s financial unit and business operations. The tenants can use the application to relay information for rental invoicing and reporting purposes. This data is automatically transferred from the application to rental invoicing and reporting. In the past, the financial unit collected information from the tenants via Excel and e-mail, so it was manually transmitted to invoicing and reporting. This elaborate process has now been automated.

The advanced calculation logic behind the lease application

Invoicing of business spaces must take many moving parts into consideration. These are accounted for in the new lease application. Functional automation is driven by advanced computing logic, for which Enfo has developed an in-depth master data management model.

“In order for the application to work as it should, the underlying calculations and logic have taken into account the contracts and contractual obligations between Finavia and the client. In addition, the lease application had to include the normal financial management tools, such as a repair function. As it’s critical to business, information security was a particular priority for us,” says Finavia’s Mika Hirvaskari, who worked as the project manager of the project.

Accessibility for users and for the financial unit

The lease application had to be as simple to use as possible. The result was a browser-based portal that allows tenants to easily relay information from any location.

“Our financial unit has been satisfied with the solution. The time-consuming manual process has been automated, and reporting has been able to be developed accordingly. Development started from the needs of business and finance. Financial experts played a central role in defining the project goals, the lease application and reporting, and were actively involved throughout the project,” says Hirvaskari.

The unique solution developed from the ground up is just a catalyst for Finavia

The solution, tailored entirely to Finavia’s needs, was a unique achievement for both Finavia and Enfo. For the first time ever, Enfo has created an application tailored to its client from the beginning. The solution utilizes state-of-the-art technology from Microsoft with a cloud-based implementation.

“This is one of Finavia’s first cloud-based implementations and has worked to kind of show us the direction we’re headed. The project had many new things for both us and Enfo. Enfo had a good, proactive approach to developing the lease application. The consultant was responsible and well prepared for meetings, presenting ideas for improvements he had already thought about. This is how we were able to make quick decisions, and it helped us progress smoothly,” Hirvaskari reflects back on the project.

The lease application and the reporting that supports it are part of a larger project to develop the reporting for Finavia’s commercial services. The next step of this project is to develop the reporting of parking charges, with Enfo’s involvement.

The solution’s benefits for Finavia:

  • Decrease in manual work and more efficiency for the financial unit
  • Handling and utilizing of information reported by tenants in an automated process
  • Improved user experience for Finavia tenants – no more filling in Excel spreadsheets manually
  • Up-to-date reporting and higher precision


Finavia offers and develops airport services, the cornerstones of which are safety, customer orientation, and cost-effectiveness. Finavia’s comprehensive network of 21 airports allows international connections from Finland around the world – and from around the world to around Finland. The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the leading junction for long-distance travel in Northern Europe.