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EXPLORE what we know and do


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Cloud services create a common platform on an international level for Martela

Martela Group is reforming its entire IT infrastructure in stages as part of its new strategy. The changes will enable work independent of time and place and improve the quality of customer interaction. Part of this involves adopting cloud services based on guidance from Enfo.

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Our transition to the world of cloud services under Enfo's guidance will help us achieve our business targets.

Jari Hammar, Martela

“Through cloud services, we can create a more uniform and international Martela to help us live up to customer promises, for example through improved agility and punctuality within the delivery chain,” says Martela’s IT Manager Jari Hammar.

A modern working environment is a seamless entity

Martela hopes that its working environment enables the more precise and agile distribution of information on customer accounts to all parties.

“The core of our service involves creating user-centred and inspiring working environments for our customers. We would also like to realise this within Martela, combining the physical and digital working environment into a seamless entity. Using cloud services enables all of this. From now on, background content such as CRM data can be output through an intuitive user interface for customers and Martela employees,” says Mr Hammar.

A cloud service scalable in line with the needs of business operations

Office 365’s strength as a cloud service platform lies in its scalability according to the needs of business operations. To make the most of scalability benefits, the partner developing them must be willing to work close to the customer.

“One of our reasons for selecting Enfo as partner was its willingness to understand our business operations. This is clearly a partner with which concrete results will be achieved. Strong and seamless cooperation. We value Enfo’s forward-looking and responsible attitude: they react proactively to any development challenges they meet,” Mr Hammar comments.

Major cost savings based on cloud services

“The agile flow of information is vital in a modern organisation, both in terms of competitiveness and occupational well-being. Based on our experience, we can achieve savings as high as 30% by removing any extra steps along the way and create value for our customers by offering an even better service. To help our customer achieve these targets, we need to share its aims and remain in continuous contact,” says Enfo’s Key Account Manager, Matti Kemppi.

Jari Hammar

Hammar points out that cooperation with Enfo enables greater continuity of business operations.

“As well as developing our cloud services, Enfo will monitor the functioning of our IT operating environment. For us, the greatest value lies in increasing the reliability of our business applications and much faster reaction to technical disruptions, since our environment is being monitored around the clock by Enfo,” states Hammar.

Benefits of cloud services and cooperation

  • Cloud services harmonise functionality after major system upgrades and make the resulting data transparent
  • Data is available to all parties – whether employees or customers – across national frontiers
  • Cooperation between organisations made easier
  • Martela’s delivery punctuality can be further increased
  • Personnel can work independently of time, location and device: flexibility is enabled
  • Better able to react to disruptions thanks to monitoring performed by the partner
  • An expert partner has been involved from the start, taking an active part in the development work in order to provide Martela with tangible benefits. 

Martela is one of the Nordic leaders in the office interior industry. A passion to offer the best workplaces has been guiding the company for seventy years. In addition to innovative and ergonomic furniture solutions Martela designs and implements various workplace related services. Martela helps improve the employee wellbeing while at the same time increasing the space use efficiency in workplaces, schools and welfare environments. www.martela.com