Outokumpu has increased its production at lower costs with the help of Enfo

Currently, maintenance processes hold priority at Outokumpu and the Avesta Järnverk foundry, where Enfo Service & Asset Management has helped in rationalising production. Enfo Service & Asset Management’s highly successful Hela vägen till värdeTM (All the way to value) concept utilises knowledge of business and processes, analyses and best practices in a project covering the entire organisation. The diverse expertise of Enfo’s employees together with a thorough analysis of Outokumpu’s business operations has produced results worthy of the concept’s name – all the way up to the production of value.

Bringing the concept into use

At Avesta, Outokumpu has invested in the long-term development of maintenance activities using both internal and external resources.

Mikael Larsson, Outokumpu’s warehouse manager, says that the various earlier initiatives did not have the desired effect. Mikael’s curiosity was therefore awakened when he heard a presentation about Enfo Framsteg’s new Hela vägen till värde™ concept. “The name of the concept represents where we want to be,” Mikael says. Comprehensive thinking seemed like the right way forward at Outokumpu.

Getting more from machinery

The main focus of the project has been placed on im- proving the efficiency of the entire design and manufacturing process, covering all materials, tools and, above all, internal and external personnel resources. The company’s management has set this project as their first priority, with directors receiving training throughout the project.

“We have systematically and effectively reviewed all questions, thanks to which we now have access to an excellent tool. After the turn of the year, our focus shifted fully to implementing the solution and offering training to all employees about the new way of working and its importance to the company,” Mikael Larsson says.

The company is now working more systematically, and has clearer processes and more clearly divided are- as of responsibility. As the number of production errors has fallen while design and manufacturing processes have evolved, production efficiency has improved and the company gets more from their machinery at lower cost. Outokumpu has only positive things to say about their cooperation with Enfo. Mikael Larsson says that, even though it is still too early to measure the impact of the project, there is not a single doubt that production is now more effective. Cooperation will also continue in new development areas.

Key indicators of quality

Outokumpu and Enfo have designed a key indicator application, which is nearly ready for use. The applica- tion will be used in the QlikView system, which supports decision-making processes. The system will be connect- ed to the IBM MAXIMO Asset Management maintenance system. These system-supporting components have been developed utilising Enfo’s expertise in analysis, maintenance and systems.

“We have defined best practices for key indicators and analysis. We have strongly emphasised key indica- tors related to quality that help us carry out changes within the company and effectively monitor the quality of data,” Larsson says.

Preventive maintenance is key

Outokumpu will develop its maintenance activities, particularly preventive maintenance that serves to minimise production stoppages and improve the efficiency of pro- duction even further. The new analysis potential allows the company to focus on the right things and take any necessary action.

Hela vägen till värde™

“Hela vägen till värde is a concept developed by Enfo in 2012–2014 which has proven its capabilities in theory and practice,” says Mats Eliasson, managing director of Enfo Service & Asset Management. “It has been a true pleasure to take part in a project where Outokumpu played an active and expert part, and where its key management and project employees have had a strong input. We have been involved in development and also witnessed the financial results,” Mats says in conclusion.

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