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EXPLORE what we know and do


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Digital Dimension | LABS


We work with a design-driven approach in order to develop the most creative and efficient process possible. In this way, we bring in all perspectives: the experience, the opportunities, the cost, the risks. Our design-driven model continuously provides you with visual feedback on the process. The objective is to have a fully functioning prototype within the first 10 weeks. That prototype is a useful base that combines all parts of the solutions: design, functionality, connectivity and cloud solution.

After an initial briefing, the process proceeds as follows:


In a 2-3 days-long workshop, we work with you to generate an idea, discuss fitting “killer apps,” evaluate design, services and technology, as well as examine the effects of the new solution from both an internal and an external perspective


Working with you, we design and develop a visual prototype. This gives you a sense of the application’s functionality and appearance. Using a special toolkit, we can quickly alter and fine-tune the prototype according to your wishes. The visual prototype saves time and money as well as identifying potential risks before development goes forward.


It is here and now that your digital product or concept will come to life. We apply our design driven approach to continuously provide you with visual feedback of the progress in development. A pilot creates immediate value that both you and your customers can evaluate, and will work as a solid base for further decision making.


Transform your business by launching your digital product. Commercially launch your new digital products for the future to gain maximum customer experience and productivity.

Take your place in the Digital Dimension

When it comes to digital strategy and service development, are you full of ideas and visions? Do you want to work with us to create the digital solutions of the future? Among other roles,

we are currently seeking digital strategists, front-end developers and Scrum masters. Learn more and apply online or register your interest here and now!

Digital Seminars

Digital Seminar for Business Leaders


Digital Seminar for Executives and Boards


Digital Seminar for IT Executives



Digital Seminar

To enable digital business, it’s important to understand your current digital position as well as the possibilities for your future. In this the seminar, Enfo’s Evangelists will guide you through our Maturity Model for Digital and identify your top innovation opportunities using the Digital Opportunity Map. These two steps enable us to recommend where you should put the focus for digitalizing your business.


Design Workshop

Get inspired by the unique combination of strategy, design and technology represented around the table. Together, we will work to identify the “killer apps” that will make you stand out in the market, improve your internal efficiencies, cut costs or even change your business model.



When developing digital products and services, a design-driven approach is crucial from an experience, cost and risk perspective. With this in mind, we have developed a design-driven engagement model, called W10, to continuously provide you with visual feedback on the progress of your product or service. The objective is to have a fully working first pilot combining all parts of the solution, including design, functionality, connectivity and cloud solution, within just 10 weeks.