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Digital Manufacturing

Digitalization of manufacturing is the most exciting thing happening in advanced industrial nations today. Concepts like Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Products are flourishing. With Digital Manufacturing, Enfo captures this exciting new area of development along with the boundless expertise we have to offer.

The degree of digital progress among manufacturing companies varies. On one end are those that do very little in terms of production, but are far ahead in areas like ERP. On the other end are companies that understand the value of digitalization and combine a vision for change, management and engagement with investments in new possibilities. As a company, you have to choose which path you’ll take: either be on the forefront and step into what we at Enfo call the Digital Dimension, or “wait and see.”

“Smart Industry” determines the future

Development is happening fast. The decision to “wait and see” can end up being an expensive experiment. In Sweden, for example, the government sees “Smart Industry” (the Swedish answer to Germany’s Industry 4.0) as the most important long-term priority for the nation’s future. The technology and knowledge already exists. The next step is to create new business models with technology as a starting point, which generate value in the form of innovative applications and services. Enfo can already answer the how, what and why for this process, thanks to our experience implementing solutions for many customers on the forefront of digitalization ‒ not only in production and sales, but in their entire operations.

Collaboration for solutions and development

Enfo has the necessary expertise and capacity for your digital transformation ‒ your entry into the Digital Dimension. Our work crosses borders between our competence areas, taking a holistic approach to the entire production chain: production/manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing, patents and warranties, maintenance and customer service as well as business support. Your transformation needs a holistic approach in everything from IT infrastructure and information flow to processes and data analysis.

Here you can read more about our thinking and what we do, as well as how we do it and what we’ve already done for our customers.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your company.

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Digital Manufacturing – when traditional industry meets the platform economy

Lina Tjerneld
Sales & Marketing Manager, Enfo BI & Analytics
+46 73 625 30 40