Inspiration and Guidance Throughout Your Analytics Journey


Data and analytics are two key elements in the Digital Dimension. A significant part of the digitalization’s business value is created when we take advantage of data. We do it by focusing on data driven innovation as well as data driven insights, decisions and actions.

 The idea of recognizing data as a true business asset is the key

With inspiration and guidance from Enfo Data & Analytic’s Advisory services we can optimize your analytics platform for any form of decision support, data driven innovation and corporate strategy execution.

The effects of digitalization can be seen everywhere. 90% of all currently available data was created the last two years and this trend will continue as the number of Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives will grow rapidly. 

The actual business value created by digitalization efforts is very much about connecting to and making valuable use of data.

Enfo has comprehensive experience and know-how in designing and developing analytics solutions. The focus on identifying the actual business needs, instead of focusing on technology, is in our DNA. We utilize Enfo’s data & analytics maturity model when visualizing the evolution of an analytics platform, from excel hell to data you can trust to predictive analytics and data driven innovation. 

Our Advisory services are designed to inspire and guide the customer through the early phases of any analytics initiative, but also when you need a restart. Our, typically, workshop based Advisory services can be tailored to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of each customer. The Advisory services cover the following areas: 

Analytics Strategy
General inspiration & training seminars
Analytics Roadmap - Define analytics strategy and analytics journey
Analytics governance organization and processes

Data Driven Innovation

The concept of Data Driven Innovation is based on the idea that data can become a true business asset. This service is designed for inspiration and ideation. It aims to define business case(s) within a single area or a combination of:
General data & analytics
Big data
Internet of Things, IoT
Advanced analytics

Strategy execution
Utilize analytics for your strategy execution! Translate your strategy driven initiatives to KPIs that will visualize your strategy and make sure they turn into action. 
Performance Management theory and inspiration
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Formulation
EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do


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