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Mobile App care


AppCare for better user experience

What happens with mobile apps once they have been developed and launched?

In too many cases, mobile app's functionalities stop working as intended or the app even crashes due to new versions of operating systems or hardware. Don’t rely on customers to inform you about problems with your apps – with AppCare you will always be a step ahead, offering a better user experience.

AppCare is a service designed to ensure that mobile apps work as intended over time through a predefined set of proactive and planned activities. The service includes test and verification activities to detect possible future problems before new major versions of Android and Apple iOS operating systems have been released to the market. The service also includes usage statistics and analysis, version control management and crash management.


Niklas Thulin
SVP, Enfo Interactive
+46 736 840 629
+46 774 404 400
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EXPLORE what we know and do


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